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Brave New Future
Majesco unveils slate led by high-concept sci-fi games
Thoughtful, cinematic, plot-driven entertainment is what Majesco wants to be recognized for at this year's E3. GlyphyX is developing Advent Rising, a third-person action game set around humanity's struggle in the far future. Hugo Award-winning author Orson Scott Card-well known for his intellectual and evocative novels-was so intrigued by Advent Rising's concept that he signed on to expand the creative development of a trilogy and to write novels based on the game, set for release on PC and Xbox. Also set in the future is Taldren's Black9, an action-RPG in which nine omnipotent secret organizations vie for power while one skilled mercenary fulfills their shadowy tasks for his own purposes. Missions feature an emphasis on stealthy tactical gameplay and online multiplayer modes on the PC, PS2, and Xbox platforms. Dark supernatural action defines Idol FX's Drake for PC and Xbox. A 3,000-year-old conflict comes to a head when the guardians of an ancient artifact are slaughtered and the idol is stolen. The title character is brought back from the dead to retrieve the lost item, using Chinese martial arts and a huge arsenal of firearms. From Kaos Kontrol, Blowout for PC, PS2, and Xbox is a side-scrolling action-combat game featuring intense 3D character models created by artist Yasushi Nirasawa, best known for designing demonic creatures featured in such popular games as Soul Calibur.
-By George T. Chronis
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