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Sony Announces EyeToy PS2 Camera
USB add-on allows immersive gaming, video messaging
This morning, Sony announced the fall 2003 release of EyeToy, a USB camera add-on developed exclusively for PlayStation 2. The sci-fi-looking EyeToy extends the reach of Sony's console unit into the realm of video messaging and truly immersive solo and party gaming.
The EyeToy USB Camera, which plugs into one of the PS2's two USB ports, will allow gamers to record 60-second video messages with a variety of backgrounds and colors.
Sony's big hope for the miniature camera hinges on its capabilities as a gaming peripheral. The EyeToy, which includes motion-tracking technology, will ship with a disc containing 12 minigames that allow gamers to project their own image in real-time onto a television screen, positioning themselves as the lead characters of their own games.
The included minigames will challenge gamers of all ages to use their bodies to control their onscreen selves, and to use skills such as hand-eye coordination and rhythm to direct the gaming action. Boxing Chump, for example, will test gamers' abilities to throw quick jab punches, while Kung Foo will challenge them to perform high leg kicks.
A minigame called Keep Ups will even get participants using high-knees and headers.
Other titles, like Beat Freak, will have players tapping their feet and hands in rhythm. Multiplayer modes will offer additional challenges and allow participants a chance to compete with friends and family.
"It's simple yet captivating," explained Sony Computer Entertainment America Product Marketing Director Ami Blaire, "and the consumer-friendly gameplay and added functionality of video messaging make EyeToy the ultimate party game." Sony's EyeToy USB Camera will ship to stores in September 2003.
-By George Jones
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