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Natsume's Fall Harvest
Fun, cute, and sporting attractions
GameCube owners will enjoy exclusive access to Natsume's premier games Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Medabots: Infinity. A Wonderful Life is a family farm simulation that stretches across six chapters spanning 30 game years. Players choose a character from among forty unique options in this sim about animal management, agriculture, marriage, and raising children.
Based on the animated Medabots television series, Medabots: Infinity is set in an amusement park in which people have gone missing. Players customize their own unique Medabot from hundreds of available components in order to solve puzzles and fend off nasty bots. PS2 owners with a penchant for angling can check out Reel Fishing III, a full-on fishing simulation with such depth, you can choose from among 150-plus different pieces of tackle. Mark Davis Pro Bass Challenge features authentic environments and seasonal weather patterns, plus play in Tournament, Arcade, and Practice modes.
Natsume is also showing three RPG titles for Game Boy Advance: Wizardry: The Summoning, Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town, and River King.
-By George T. Chronis
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