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Saitek Brings the Sticks
New customizable joysticks for flight sims and more
Peripheral-maker Saitek will help you stick it to your games with its newest joysticks. The Cyborg Evo, the latest edition in Saitek's Cyborg line, offers an updated design without eliminating any favorite features. Finger bolts for adjusting the head and palm rest have been added, the fixed throttle has been moved up front so it's accessible with the right or left thumb, and powerful new programming software lets users make on-the-fly changes and offers shift states that double functionality. The Evo also offers six base buttons (including two shift buttons), a 3D rudder twist, and a four-direction head adjustment, so players can find their ideal position for extended periods of gaming.
The Evo's little brother, the ST290, includes five buttons, a trigger, a throttle, and a customizable handgrip that flips around to accommodate southpaws. And the entry-level ST90 also includes a four-position digital throttle and extendable tripod legs for stability and minimum packaging. Retailers should also enjoy the transparent tube package that lets consumers easily see the product.
-By Joel Strauch
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