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Nyko Goes Wireless
Cordless air-cooled controller and console connection
It's great playing PS2 and Xbox games online, but that Ethernet cable snaking through the hallway to your PC is unsightly at best, and trip-inducing at worst. Enter Nyko's Wireless Net Extender for Xbox and PS2. Two small boxes-one for your broadband modem, the other for your console-transmit a broadband-speed signal between them from up to 100 feet apart.
Nyko's unique air-cooled Air Flo is also cutting the cord. Available for PS2, the Wireless Air Flo requires no cords and supplies gamers with a constant breath of fresh air to keep grip sweat to a minimum. The fan is now positioned at the front of the 900MHz controller, allowing for even greater air flow.
Both products will be available in June. The Wireless Net Extender sells for $99.99; the Wireless Air Flow is priced at $59.99. Nyko will also show its entire line of accessories for all platforms.
- By Joel Strauch
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