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Microsoft Xbox
Halo 2, Counter-Strike, Fable…and did we mention Halo 2?
It's the sequel every Xbox owner has been pining for:
Halo 2. More than just an update of the first game, Halo 2 includes a completely rewritten graphics engine for even more gorgeous environments. This time, the Covenant is coming after Earth-with only Master Chief to stop them. Get ready for new weapons, new vehicles, new enemies, and Xbox Live support that will mean stellar multiplayer options.
Speaking of eagerly anticipated Xbox Live games, Counter-Strike is making its way to the console world exclusively on Xbox. And the Communicator headset may have a role to play in everyone's favorite team-based combat shooter.
Peter Molyneux's Fable is well worth the telling. This groundbreaking role-playing game follows a character from childhood to death, with every move the player makes impacting the character's skills, appearance, and morality. There is no set path through the game-players can choose to be good or evil, and every action has an appropriate reaction.
The follow-up to the successful Project Gotham Racing will also be around for a test drive. New cities-including Edinburgh and Hong Kong-along with more than 50 vehicles and support for Xbox Live mean this title will surely be on gamers' holiday wish lists. Combining a unique team of characters-a sorceress, a gunslinger, a swordsman, and a shape-shifting huntress-Sudeki offers immense worlds to explore in an ambitious RPG complete with real-time cinematic-style combat.
BC-the first step in the evolution of console games, prehistorically speaking-puts you in charge of ensuring that mankind survives the harsh brutality of the ancient world. And Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge lets gamers take to the skies in 1930s warplanes, as well as dogfight on Xbox Live.
There are also plenty of sequels on hand at the Microsoft booth, including Midtown Madness 3, Amped 2, NHL Rivals 2004, and Inside Pitch 2003.
-By Joel Strauch
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