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DOOM and Abomination at E3
The latest on DOOM III
ID unveiled DOOM III to an adoring public at E3 2002, and after all the public acclaim, went straight back to working hard in the heat of Mesquite, TX, prepping for this year's E3.
Unfortunately, John Carmack was too busy using his massive programming brain to answer some questions for the E3 Show Daily. For a good update on how the game itself is doing, we talked instead to Tim Willits, lead designer and overall project lead for DOOM III. Willits commented that the positive reception to the game last year was particularly gratifying, and that this year, iD will have a "more reserved approach" in presenting the game. He noted, "We feel like we've made our mark, and now want to keep our heads down and work on bringing the game to the people that are so eagerly awaiting its arrival."
As for the state of the game, Willits added, "John Carmack is basically done with the rendering system, and almost all of the other systems are in and working, so we've definitely transitioned almost completely from the technology-building phase to the game-building phase." While Carmack and his brain-filled programming team are still continually tweaking and adding new and small features to the engine, Willits' team has a better grasp of how to use the new tech, and has been busy pumping out new content every day. For him, "everything from visual and aural quality to physics and interaction with the environment all come together to create an experience that feels terrifyingly realistic."
Willits promised, "We set out to offer players the most gripping, frightening, and realistic videogame experience ever, and we're doing just that." Check out the Activision booth for a new trailer that will feature all the neat, new things that iD has been working on for the past year.
-By Thierry Nguyen
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