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Dinosaurs, Ghosts, and Pirates, Oh My!
TDK Mediactive brings animations to life
From Muppets to Disney attractions to alternate-universe dinosaurs, TDK Mediactive is bringing it all from the small and big screens to a console near you. Based on Disney's amusement-park ride and upcoming motion picture of the same name, The Haunted Mansion for all three consoles and GBA will let gamers explore the creepy haunted house as they try to free 999 trapped souls without becoming one. Timed for release with this summer's movie, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl for GBA features ship-to-ship combat and searches for hidden treasure. TDK is also taking everyone's favorite Muppets on a Party Cruise for GameCube and PS2, and reviving '80s icon He-Man in Masters of the Universe for all consoles and GBA. The PS2 title Spy vs. Spy pops right from the pages of Mad Magazine, while Corvette: Zero to Gone for PS2, Xbox, PC, and GBA puts gamers behind the wheels of their favorite Vettes.
- By George Jones
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