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Agetec's Big Draw
Build a better game with Agetec's Designer Series
Want even more out of your games? Check out Agetec's Designer Series and make your own!
"For many, Agetec's Designer Series is synonymous with quality and creativity, due to strong franchises such as Fighter Maker and RPG Maker," said Hide Irie, president and CEO of Agetec Inc. "Now we've added Magic Pengel to our profile, further strengthening the mark of quality and creativity among our active fan base."
Due out this June for PS2, Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color is a beastie brawler with a nifty angle: You can literally draw your own critters, then watch them come to life as you pit them against other doodles in battle. Your creations gain different stats and abilities depending on what you draw. Pengel, which is geared toward everyone from casual gamers to hardcore wannabe videogame artists, was awarded Game of the Month in the June issue of the Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine.
Agetec's other 2003 entry in its Designer Series is RPG Maker II for PS2. Like its PS1 predecessor, RPG Maker II lets you build a full-fledged role-playing game, including the environments, the battle system, and the interactive story line. The game is so robust that RPG Maker's Japanese developer has even accepted homegrown RPGs as résumé submissions from job applicants.
For mech fans, Agetec offers the latest in its popular Armored Core franchise. Entitled Silent Line: Armored Core, the game further refines the AC formula with 400 new parts for your customizable mechs. "Silent Line's features and gameplay are an exciting and significant upgrade to the Armored Core franchise and are sure to please our loyal fan base," promised Irie.
Finally, as a special treat for fans of rhythm games, Agetec is porting Sega's Dreamcast hit Space Channel 5 to PS2. "Space Channel 5 is an incredibly inventive dance and rhythm game that we are very proud to bring to gamers Stateside," Irie said. "It is a portal to interactivity and has universal appeal."
-By Gary Steinman
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