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Titles of Light and Dark

Atlus introduces a console RPG and several GBA games
Fans of Japanese role-playing strategy games need look no further than Atlus U.S.A.'s booth. Available this fall, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness for PS2 features more than 150 character classes and monsters and 100-plus spells and special skills to unleash on your enemies, including Geo Portals capable of destroying an entire army. Players vie for control of the Netherworld by increasing their army's size and the strength and power of their characters and weapons.
Into monster collection? DemiKids: Light and DemiKids: Dark for GameBoy Advance let players collect more than 350 monsters and fuse them together in hundreds of possible combinations-or opt for diplomacy in hopes of avoiding combat. Each version features different scenarios, story lines, and protagonists.
Atlus will also show off Go! Go! Hypergrind, a cel-shaded skateboarding game for GameCube, and Double Dragon and River City Ransom for GameBoy Advance.
- By Joel Strauch

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