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Nvidia's in the Driver's Seat

Nvidia releases the NV35
In its high-minded quest to bring photorealism to games, Santa Clara, CA-based Nvidia has once again ascended to the top of the graphics-card mountain with the release of its latest part, the GeForce FX 5900 Ultra (or the NV35, as the card is nicknamed). Days before the doors opened at this year's E3, where hoards are expected to descend upon the Los Angeles Convention Center to check out the next generation of games, Nvidia announced the NV35, a graphics card that it claims was "architected for next-generation games."
Like the original GeForce FX (NV30), the NV35 is built around a 0.13um (micron) architecture. The smaller die size makes it easier to keep the chip cool. The NV35 also rocks an impressive 256MB of 256-bit DDR1 memory with a maximum throughput of 27.2GB/sec. Nvidia is offering products all the way from the top end of the price range (the $499 256MB DDR1 NV35 Ultra) to the bottom (the $79, 128MB GeforceFX 5200).
While we shouldn't expect to see games that support all the bells and whistles the GeForce FX cards support right off the bat, Nvidia is hoping the range of cards that support DX9 and myriad other features will encourage developers to create titles that take advantage of all the hardware has to offer
- By William O'Neal

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