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MadCatz Controllers

Retro and glowing, with a beat you can dance to
MadCatz is kickin' it old school with the new RetroCon Controller, a full-featured controller with a classic design. Available for PS2 (an Xbox version is due by year's end), this rubber-gripped blast-from-the-past includes a 7-foot cable and twin vibration motors.
We're sure the LumiCon LED Controller for PS2, PSOne, and Xbox will earn glowing reviews, thanks to its cool LED underglow. More than just good looking, the LumiCon also offers fully analog joysticks, pressure-sensitive action buttons, two vibration motors, and macro programming capabilities.
MadCatz's Ultra Beat Pad for PlayStation (One and 2) works beautifully with action and dancing games. Its rubberized bottom keeps you from slipping, while the groovy blacklighting and flashing-perimeter disco lighting help you get in touch with your inner Travolta.
The Universal GameScreen 7.2-inch LCD lets you take your PS2, GameCube, or Xbox out to play. With a high-resolution backlit display that folds for easy transport and an embedded sound system, it's the ultimate in portable gaming.
- By Joel Strauch

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