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LucasArts Goes Full Throttle

Coming soon to a galaxy that's pretty darn close
While continuing its lineup of popular Star Wars games, LucasArts is also offering a round of new and unique titles in its next crop of releases-and bringing back some long-forgotten favorites.
The San Rafael, CA-based company is once again riding down the highway with a sequel to the 1995 adventure title Full Throttle. Full Throttle: Hell on Wheels brings outlaw biker Ben back for more born-to-be-wild escapades on PS2, Xbox, and PC. Scheduled for a fall release, Hell on Wheels combines action and adventure with the tongue-in-cheek humor that was the signature of the original.
Another classic, the flight-simulation hit Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, will see new life in the form of its successor, Secret Weapons Over Normandy. In Secret Weapons Over Normandy, developed by Totally Games, pilots can fly more than 20 authentic World War II planes. The game is scheduled for a fall release on PS2, Xbox, and PC.
On the other side of the galaxy, Star Wars fans are eagerly anticipating Knights of the Old Republic, scheduled for a summer release on Xbox and a fall release on PC. In Knights, gamers create custom heroes and then test their mettle in a story-driven RPG. Set 4,000 years before the events in the Star Wars films, Knights will focus on the conflict between the Jedi and Sith warrior factions.
Another Jedi-focused Star Wars game, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, continues the Xbox and PC blitz with new multiplayer modes, character customization features, and fresh lightsaber-fighting styles. The third installment of the best- selling Jedi Knight series, Jedi Academy is scheduled for release this fall.
For a truly expansive Star Wars experience, Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided offers a massively multiplayer online game for PC. Due out this summer, Galaxies, which is being developed in conjunction with Sony Online Entertainment, offers gamers multiple races, roles, and missions, all set in the Star Wars galaxy. Bounty hunters, merchants, and Jedi can mix it up in an environment that offers combat, exploration, and specific quests.
In a nod to GameCube owners, LucasArts will offer the second sequel to its successful N64 ship-combat franchise, Rogue Squadron. Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, due this fall, features the same ship-combat action from the previous Rogue Squadron games-but this time, all-new multiplayer modes are the game's highlight, including Endurance, Capture the Base, Dogfight, and Cooperative gameplay.
In a shift of style, LucasArts is also set to release Gladius, a role-playing game with turn-based combat for PS2, GameCube, and Xbox. In it, gamers are tasked with running a school for gladiators and fighting in mortal combat. Gladius is set for release in August.
Get ready for an assortment of haggis jokes in Armed and Dangerous, due this winter for Xbox and PC. This third-person action-shooter features tea-drinking Scottish rebels battling their way through a fantasy setting.
Wraith Unleashed, which will be released on PS2 and Xbox this winter, is another title that breaks the traditional LucasArts mold. This action-strategy game set in a fantasy universe pits mythological creatures against each other in one-on-one arena-style combat.
- By John Marrin

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