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Kemco Ramps Up

Rogue Ops, Lobo to pave the way Kemco's plan for growing into a bigger industry player is simple. Step one: Focus on the company's strengths in marketing and distributing products around the world. To this end, Kemco plans to cease all internal development based in Japan, focusing instead on outside development. "Kemco will be sourcing not just Japan but the entire globe for quality developers who can create great products. This is an important strength to many developers who are looking for global distribution," remarked Vice President of Sales and Marketing Glenn Halseth.
Step two: Release Rogue Ops: Phoenix Unleashed, an action-adventure game for GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox. Halseth is confident the game will be a hit title and will eventually become "a franchise to build on in the Kemco library."
Scheduled for release in late 2003, Rogue Ops boasts a female lead, Jay Connor, who uses an arsenal of stealth tactics and sophisticated gadgets to go undercover and take on Red Cell, an ultradangerous terrorist organization.
Kemco also feels bullish about Lobo, its upcoming third-person action-adventure game based on the DC Comics franchise of the same name.
- By George Jones

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