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DreamCatcher Interactive Administers Anesthetic

Publisher looks to enter the action
Toronto-based DreamCatcher Interactive is looking to slay some foes on the PC with its first-person action game PainKiller, due out this fall. Developed by the team at People Can Fly (whose other titles include Project Earth), PainKiller fits into the horror niche of action games. In it, players take on the role of a mercenary paid to send hordes of undead back to their maker.
Nick Malaperiman, director of international communications for DreamCatcher, emphasized the interactivity of PainKiller's environments: "We're bringing a new graphical style. Basically, we're making sure that everything in the environment can be touched, used, smashed, or destroyed." In addition, the game's AI boasts group mentality. Group leaders command their minions to attack, regroup, and retreat-and getting rid of the group leader makes it easier to fight the underlings. Multiplayer modes include Deathmatch, One-on-One, and People Can Fly, in which you can only target enemies while you're airborne. Other multiplayer options are still under consideration.
While it has yet to undergo a formal revue, PainKiller will likely garner an ESRB Mature rating (appropriate for gamers ages 17 and up).
- By John Marrin

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