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Action, Fighters, and Racing

Namco's diverse lineup includes games of all flavors
Soul Calibur 2 will have followers of the first weapon-fighting game salivating like a Pavlov pet. Available this fall for Xbox, PS2, and GameCube, Soul Calibur 2 will star returning favorites and newcomers on each of the platforms (Tekken's Heihachi on PS2, Zelda's Link for GC, and Spawn for Xbox) as well as Necrid, a new creation from Todd McFarlane. The game will offer seven different modes, including the new Weapon Master mode where players can collect up to 200 different weapons.
Speaking of Todd McFarlane, comic-favorite Spawn will be spawned in game form for the big three consoles this fall. The action-adventure game will follow the anti-hero as he tries to break free from the middle of the battle between heaven and hell. Gamers will be able to use all of Spawn's hell powers, as well as his living symbiotic costume.
R: Racing Evolution, available on all three platforms, includes licensed cars, real and fantasy tracks, and a unique pressure meter that measures how racers handle the pressure from other-their reactions can win or lose them the race. Following on the success of the blockbuster Dead to Rights, Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime for PS2 submerges gamers into the crime-fighting world with special weapons and tactics.
The sci-fi action/adventure genre mixer Breakdown for Xbox combines shooters, fighters, and puzzle solvers in a vast, futuristic world. The game includes surreal dream sequences, advanced AI, and Trust Company's song "Take it All" on the soundtrack.
Light gun owners will be pleased to see Time Crisis 3 for PlayStation 2 this fall, which now offers the ability to cycle through weapons on the fly. It's compatible with the GunCon 2 light-gun and incorporates new perspectives and enhanced stages in the new adventure.
Developed in house, third-person action/adventure kill.switch for PS2 and Xbox includes Blindfire-a frontal assault move that prevents an engaged enemy from returning fire. It also features an offensive cover system to take on opposing forces from various coverage positions.
And the extreme adventure I-Ninja for PlayStation 2 and GameCube puts deadly skills and a wide range of weapons in player's hands, including shuriken and chain whips. The ninja character also has the ability to run along walls.
- By Joel Strauch

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