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What I Got Out of E3 2006

Posted BY: FoolThrottle, Saturday, May 13, 2006, 1:51AM EST

Now that we're finished with another E3Insider edition, I was trying to put myself in your shoes.  If you were here at E3 all week, what would you have learned that would affect what you buy in the next year?  I'm not about to tell you what to buy since that's different for everyone.  I can, however, tell you what I got out of E3 this year, and what I plan to do with that. 

For starters, I'm excited about all of the XBOX 360 games coming out, and I plan to grow my collection with Gears of War, Dead Rising, and Halo 3 at the very least.  Viva Pinata is a probability, but I want to see a later build.  The commitment to great games, the live arcade library, and cool accessories like the Microsoft Vision Eye Camera have me very excited for the next year on the 360.

My PC will surely be affording space to Titan Quest, Battlefield 2142 and Crysis.  There were seemingly more PC games this year than console games. 

I'm buying a Wii.  As soon as I can.  I'm convinced it will be a great system that may have a few clunky titles at first (similar to the DS) but will ultimately be the console with which I have the most laugh-out-loud fun with friends and family.  And of course, that will enable me to get my fix of Metroid and Zelda.

I'm also buying a DS Lite because I love my DS and I really want brighter screens and a larger stylus.  I'm not wild about the GBA cartridge or DS rumble pack sticking out of the cartridge slot, but the smaller case size, larger stylus, and brighter screens make this a must for me.

I like the look of PS3 games and I anticipate a full year of announcements that will bolster the PS3's position in the marketplace.  I wouldn't be surprised if a PS3 made its way onto my wish list in the near future, especially if they announce some strong franchise offerings.

Probably my favorite "take-away" from E3 2006 was the innovation I saw on the show floor. Sure, I can pick on the wide assortment of nearly-identical shooters and the numerous racing permutations, but I really found a lot of innovation this year.  This innovation will likely keep our industry from stagnating or receding.  The Nintendo Wii is an obvious innovation leader, but there were also innovative games like Spore, Viva Pinata, and LocoRoco. I'm also very glad to see so much attention being paid to helping gamers find and play each other. 

Hopefully you saw games you hadn't seen before, and hopefully they got you excited about your gaming future. I always walk away from E3 dying to play all the games I haven't played yet in preparation of all the games yet to come. As we head out of the production room tonight, we plan to raise a glass and toast to a wildly successful E3 2006, and to you for being a part of's success.  We broke all kinds of records this year and your comments were overwhelmingly positive (and welcome).  Thanks, and we'll see you again in 50 short weeks. 

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