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Check out two of Sega's latest games: Altered Beast and Headhunter!
Sega showed us some goodies today...

Altered Beast
As a special military operative, you are sent to investigate a deadly genetic outbreak in a small West Coast town. Operating alone and with minimal information, you quickly realize that your mission will ultimately become a battle for survival. Hunted by unspeakable horrors and haunted by your past, you soon discover that in order to overcome evil, you must become more than evil.
The only thing that can save you is your darkest power, the ability to transform into a variety of powerful beasts. As you defeat wave after wave of failed genetic experiments, the line between human restraint and primal instinct will blur, until nothing is left but the savage desire to uncover the true nature of the beast.
Explore your inner demons. Unleash your fury. Alter your reality.

Headhunter: Redemption
Twenty years after the devastation caused by the Bloody Mary Virus, a new order emerged based on two distinct but totally independent worlds, divided by the ultimate consumerist society – 'Above' and 'Below'.
'Above' is a glittering metropolis of glass and steel towers, entwined by elevated highways with its citizens controlled by ever-present media and the powerful corporations behind it.
'Below' is the home to criminals, undesirables and misfits, meeting all the needs of ‘Above’ in return for the right to survive…society’s conscience wiped clean.
Maintaining law and society order is veteran Headhunter Jack Wade, older, wiser and battle hardened. At his side is the reluctant new sidekick, the rebellious street kid Leeza X. While stalking the criminal masterminds of the shadowy underworld, they are led into the greatest danger of their lives and must overcome something much more sinister than a simple human threat. Each must face their darkest fears. Together they must redeem a world facing chaos…
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