MGS3 Snake Eater
Check out some of the great shots of Snake!
From the world-renowned, critically-acclaimed creator and producer of the Metal Gear Solid© series, Hideo Kojima, comes the newest and most exciting installment in the popular franchise Metal Gear Solid©3: Snake EaterTM. Introducing new gameplay, a new era and a new setting, Metal Gear Solid©3: Snake EaterTM. changes the dynamics of stealth action to reach a new benchmark in action gaming. Set in the 1960s when two world powers struggle for global supremacy, an elite tactical soldier is sent on a dangerous mission to infiltrate a heavily guarded enemy territory and uncover highly coveted secrets behind a newly created weapon of mass destruction. Survival within these natural jungle environments and often unpredictable settings will require relying on basic animal instincts, as well as finely honed combat and hunting skills to succeed in the ultimate espionage mission.
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