Photopax 2003 Retrospective
Get ready! Check out the Photopax re-cap from E3 2003.
It's no secret that E3 starts Wednesday. Starting Tuesday, you can come back here to check out new Photopax from E3 2004. We’ll be on the scene to cover the show from top to bottom.

E3 2003 was an exciting show with surprises like Prince of Persia and Call of Cthulhu. Stop by to look for the new stars of E3 2004; we’ll be covering events like Sega’s big press conference, coverage of Microsoft’s much vaunted release of Xbox 2, and of course, Sony’s PSP.

In 2003, we covered celebrities a-go-go, meeting up with a-list celebrities including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carmen Electra, Tony Hawk, The Foo Fighters, and rapper Snoop Dogg. We talked to game developers including Cliffy B. and Miyamoto. Who knows who we will meet this year?
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