Mad Catz Purrs
New controller, repair kit, and multiport connector on display

Mad Catz knows how to put together some great controllers, and the company's new Zombie Pad is another (un)dead-on design. With a zombie paint job and light-up feedback, this controller will definitely drop your buddy's jaw. It will be available for PS2 ($14.99) and Xbox ($19.99) this summer.

If your games have been stricken with cat scratch fever, try out Mad Catz's new Disk Repair Kit Pro ($39.99). The motorized repair kit works on games, DVDs, and music CDs; separate wet and dry operations are utilized to apply the right amount of repair or cleaning solution automatically in damaged spots.

And if you'd like to play against more than one friend on your PS2, you can use the Micro Multi-Port, which lets four players game simultaneously. The $14.99 device also has a built-in memory card slot. Snag two of them and enjoy some eight-player action.

In addition to these newcomers, you'll find all your favorite controllers, sticks, and wheels at Mad Catz's booth.


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