Konami's Sequel City
Another round of great titles for franchises

Konami is showing 19 games at its booth, but the main highlights are the company's greatly anticipated sequels. Among the most notable: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for PS2, due out this winter. Hideo Kojima has created an entirely new chapter in the MGS saga, with new moves, new strategies, and fully interactive environments. It's Snake as we've always wanted to see him--and play him.

Silent Hill 4: The Room ushers in another entry in the chilling, mind-flaying Silent Hill series for PS2. Konami promises to bring the thrills right into your home with SH4, which features creatures that can attack through walls, so you never know when you're safe.

On the lighter side of things, the company is showing sequels for both Karaoke Revolution and Dance Dance Revolution for PS2. Volume 2 of Karaoke Revolution features 35 new songs and a medley mode in which you can connect up to five song clips. DDR Extreme offers over 100 minutes of dance music and a mission mode that lets you take on a buddy in dance battles.

Konami is also introducing Rumble Roses, the first all-female wrestling game--'nuff said. Enthusia Professional Racing, produced by members of the team that originally produced Rage Racer for Namco, is the first racing game to include a representation of the G-forces racers face, providing the most natural-feeling racing experience possible for gamers.

Game trailers courtesy of gametrailers.com


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