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Anniversaries abound for well-known characters and titles

It's the 15th anniversary of the release of the first Street Fighter game and to celebrate, Capcom has put together the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. Available for PS2, the collection will include Hyper Street Fighter II, which blends together all the previous SF2 editions, as well as Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, which has a grade judge system that lets players know how they've performed.

Capcom is celebrating Mega Man's 16th birthday by releasing the Mega Man Anniversary Collection for PS2 and GameCube. The collection will include all eight previously released Mega Man games, as well as two Mega Man games never before available in the United States. If you need even more Mega Man, the company will be showing Mega Man Battle Network 4, with Red Sun and Blue Moon editions for GBA, and Mega Man X Command Mission for PS2 and GameCube.

No trip to Capcom's booth would be complete without a look at Resident Evil 4 for GameCube. And there's also The Nightmare Before Christmas, which brings Tim Burton's classic cult film to interactive life on PS2.

Capcom is also featuring some historical titles, including Way of the Samurai 2, the sequel to the acclaimed PS2 hit set in feudal Japan. Samurai has open-ended gameplay, realistic sword battles, and more than 400 special moves. Shadow of Rome, for PS2, brings the ancient world of the Roman Empire to life as players are immersed in the details of the historical city. And, while not necessarily fact-based, Monster Hunter hearkens back to those days of yore when humans and monsters intermingled in disharmony. The online PS2 game lets you fight alone or with others against a wide variety of powerful creatures.

Players can also enjoy the future in the sci-fi action PS2 game Crimson Tears or get in touch with the rest of their personalities in Killer 7, a stylish thriller.

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