A Gaming Dynasty
Koei keeps going with a surprise historical hit.

Dynasty Warriors is this generation's surprise platinum hit. Overseas, millions of games in Koei's action-strategy series have been sold, and it's continuing to expand on PS2 and Xbox.

Koei's next PS2 release is Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, a throwback to the company's classic historical strategy games. Like the Xtreme Legends expansions, Empires adds new data to Dynasty Warriors 4 and moves the series' gameplay in a different direction, adding logistics and diplomacy to the business of carving through thousands of enemy peons.

Meanwhile, the Xbox version of the recently released Samurai Warriors is set to feature the same visual enhancements seen in the other Dynasty Warriors titles on Microsoft's console. It will ship in the fall, not long after Empires hits PS2 in September.

Game trailers courtesy of gametrailers.com


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