To Norrath and Beyond
Sony Online focuses on role-playing sequels

More than most publishers, mythology is the thing at Sony Online Entertainment. In the case of EverQuest, it provides PC gamers with an online universe in which to create their own mythos. With Champions of Norrath,, it provides a richly developed tale of great heroes on the PS2. Both games get follow-ups late this year.

The same team that created Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath, Snowblind Studios, has been hard at work on Champions: Return to Arms (PS2). Featured is a new single-player adventure that adds two new playable races; plus, there are thousands of additional items, artifacts, and weapons. Players can import their existing high-level characters, and character-level limits have been increased to accommodate these imports. Four-person multiplayer is possible on one PlayStation 2 using a Multitap, or four people can play together online using the Network Adaptor for no extra fees.

Since the original is such a hard act to follow, SOE has concentrated on giving EverQuest II a more powerful and epic story line and stretching the graphic limits associated with MMORPGs. Character customization options between the 16 races and 24 classes have been significantly increased, and all race and class limitations have been eliminated. The learning curve has also been eased to make EverQuest more friendly to new players.

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