Strategy First Puts Strategy...First
Squad tactics are focus of publisher's lineup

From present day to the distant future, Strategy First's big releases for 2004 focus on commanding teams of commandos in gritty urban environments. Slated for a late May release, Cops 2170: The Power of Law blends RPG and tactical strategy as players recruit teams of futuristic crime fighters to engage in large-scale battles against criminal masterminds. With a nonlinear story told through 200 quests, multiple paths and strategies to victory, and almost limitless character development, Cops should offer tacticians countless hours of play in stunning 3D environments.

Alfa: Antiterror takes place in the here and now, offering players turn-based tactical combat based upon the real-life experiences of Russia's special operations forces. Developed under the direction of former Speznas Alfa Squad members, this historically based game will let players control teams of up to 16 commandos, each with abilities that improve with experience. This combat simulator is scheduled for an October 2004 release.


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