E3 is an amazing technical feat
The games and devices displayed at E3 are technically impressive all by themselves. What you donít know is how much technology goes into bringing those games to the show floor. Each year, thousands of contractors lay down miles of cables, build hundreds of exhibits - spread out over 540,000 square feet, connect thousands of computers and game consoles, and make it all work.

This year, everything is bigger than ever. 20,000 ft of electrical cable will be run to power all the games, lights, video screens, lasers, and sound systems. All those lights are heavy, too Ė1.5 million pounds of equipment from the ceiling, roughly the equivalent of 500 automobiles or 250 elephants!

The computer network, the essential backbone for most of the computers in the show, has over 4,000 end points. To reach all these points, there is roughly 250,000 feet of cable, enough to run across Connecticut from top to bottom. This year, there will be players inside the show playing games hosted on servers outside the show, as well as gamers outside the show playing games hosted on servers inside the show! To accomplish this, a 90Mbps internet connection was installed. For those of you on dialup, thatís about 1500 times faster than your modem. There are even large areas selected for WiFi access.

It takes tremendous technical expertise to pull it all off, and make sure the games work all the time. E3 is truly an amazing technical achievement.


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