Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Seed Big for Bandai
Bandai banking on anime

Cult anime hit Cowboy Bebop will come to PlayStation 2 this fall, courtesy of Bandai. Cowboy Bebop the action-adventure game hopes to capitalize on the show's appeal by allowing gamers to play as Spike, Jet, or Faye. Using the unique fighting techniques of each bounty-hunting character, players will pursue outlaws across the solar system, unraveling the mysteries of the Cowboy Bebop story while unlocking new characters and play modes.

Bandai will bring another anime star to both PS2 and Game Boy Advance with Gundam Seed: Battle Assault, to be released this fall. This will be the first Gundam fighting game for PlayStation 2 and will feature 25 playable mobile suits from the TV series (premiering this spring on Cartoon Network), five playable modes, and interactive 3D environments that will allow combatants to destroy buildings and objects and then use them to battle their opponents.

Other upcoming Bandai titles include Galactic Wrestling for PS2, the amphibian golf game Ribbit King for PS2 and GameCube, Digimon World 4 for all three consoles, and Digimon Racing for GBA.


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