E3 Is for Everyone
NCsoft offers free MMORPG play during the show

NCsoft is carving out a niche for itself as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game company, and during E3, it is letting everyone in on the fun. A project called E3 is for Everyone is allowing tens of thousands of gamers to play ArenaNet's Guild Wars remotely for free during the three days of the show. The game combines the social nature of an MMORPG with a personal touch that allows unique missions for a player and his group. Guild Wars also rewards players based on how they use their skills, rather than simply for the amount of playtime they've logged.

Also on display at the show is Richard Garriott's latest, Tabula Rasa, notable for the way it lets newcomers explore the game world without watering things down for seasoned vets. You begin with a custom-built house on your own estate and can take your time before committing to any specific path. When you are ready, myriad quests and battles await you. The game also incorporates martial arts fighting with customizable weapons.


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