The X Factor
Hewlett Packard, Compaq enter the gaming PC market

The gaming PC market was once the sole territory of boutique system builders like Voodoo PC, Falcon Northwest, and Alienware, but larger OEMs have joined the fray. Dell's Dimension XPS line and Gateway's 700GX Gamer are now joined by HP/Compaq's recently announced Compaq X Gaming PC, a machine that will allow consumers to customize their ultimate gaming machine with the latest cutting-edge hardware and software. The machine will ship with mid- to high-range peripherals and components such as graphics cards, sound cards, hard drives, and RAID configurations.

The Compaq X Gaming PC will stand out from Dell's and Gateway's products by offering more varied CPU choices. The Compaq X Gaming PC can be configured with either Intel's CPUs or AMD's wildly popular 64-bit Athlon CPUs, the current favorite among hardcore gamers.

With a unique style and a variety of CPU choices, the Compaq X Gaming PC will no doubt be a hit with gamers who want a potent machine from a company they know well.


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