New Microsoft Game Studios Head Speaks Out
An interview with Shane Kim

Stepping in to fill Ed Fries' shoes is no small task, but the new general manager of Microsoft Game Studios (MGS), Shane Kim, is game to give it his all. We sat down and talked with him about what MGS will be showing this year and what's ahead for the division.

Show Daily: What is MGS showing at this year's E3?

Shane Kim: You're seeing some of our biggest titles for this year and next for both Xbox and Windows, for all ages and types of gamers. We're really excited about our lineup for both platforms. We have blockbuster titles like Fable, Halo 2, Jade Empire, and Forza that promise to break through as top games in the coming year. On the Windows front, we're showcasing Dungeon Siege II and Zoo Tycoon 2, sequels to two of our best-selling franchises, as well as Vanguard, an exciting new MMORPG from the team at Sigil.

SD: What's the best part about being in charge of MGS? The worst?

SK: The best part is that I have the opportunity to work with some of the best talent in the industry to make incredible games for our Xbox and Windows customers. We have great internal studios led by Bungie, Ensemble Studios, and Rare, and we are also fortunate to work with a long list of some of the best independent game developers in the industry. Honestly, there really is no worst part, other than not having enough time to play all of the great games we're producing.

SD: Where do you see MGS heading in the years to come?

SK: We will continue to be even more focused on creating and publishing great franchises that customers love and buy our platforms to play. In the years to come, you are going to see us continue to focus on creating games that can really break through and make a difference with customers. As the first-party publisher for both Xbox and Windows, Microsoft Game Studios is going to set the bar for the top-quality games for both platforms, and we have more exciting plans in the works that we've yet to announce.

SD: Can you give us any hints about Xbox 2?

SK: It's really too early yet to speak about the next generation of Xbox, but I can tell you that my role is to ensure Microsoft Game Studios delivers top-quality first-party titles for gamers on Xbox today. If we're successful in doing so, we'll see continued growth of the Xbox platform as a whole. I work hand in hand with George Peckham, who shares a complementary role in overseeing third-party titles for Xbox, and his goal is to ensure there are choices to satisfy all types of gamers and ultimately drive broader adoption of the Xbox platform.


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