Friends Old and New
Namco presents a slew of sequels, plus two new titles

Alumni abound in Namco's booth at this year's show. Dead to Rights II, for PS2 and Xbox, heralds the return of Jack Slate and his K-9 sidekick Shadow. Featuring 13 new disarm moves, DR2 offers a total of 25 ways to separate your enemies from their weapons.

Remember Nina Williams from the Tekken series? Now, she's starring in her own action title, Death by Degrees. Nina steps out of the ring and into the middle of a global conspiracy on this title available for PS2. Death by Degrees requires a certain degree of stealth, but also incorporates plenty of Tekken moves and melee combat.

Another sequel, Xenosaga Episode II picks up right where the first RPG from developer Monolith Soft left off. Available exclusively for PS2, Xenosaga II features improved graphics, more outdoor environments, and an enhanced battle system.

Among Namco's new recruits is Lazarus Jones, who ain't afraid of no ghosts in Ghosthunter. Jones is a rookie cop infused with the ability to see into the realm of the dead. Since he can see ghosts, he's the one who gets to capture them and send them back to "the other side" in this PS2 action-adventure game.

Ace Combat 5 lets PS2 gamers take to the sky with more than 50 different licensed planes, while SRS: Street Racing Syndicate gives you the chance to race for pink slips on PS2, Xbox, and GameCube.

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