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Climax takes tabletop title online

U.K. developer Climax is everywhere these days--here with the first-party Xbox adventure Sudeki, there getting a jump on next-generation consoles with its Avalon project. But its most ambitious effort may be Warhammer Online, an MMORPG based on a tabletop game from Games Workshop.

Warhammer Online takes place in GW's grim fantasy setting, which is not to be confused with the dark sci-fi universe of Warhammer 40,000. While exploring the cities and forests of the Reikland, players choose a class that can define their roles in player-versus-player conflicts. Outlaw players are the targets of the bounty hunter class, and while any character can practice magic, control of the supernatural draws the unwelcome attention of a superstitious populace.

Climax is cruising toward a beta release, with a playable version on display to a select audience here at E3. Sega will publish Warhammer Online in Europe; a North American publisher has yet to be announced.


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