Whatcha Gonna Do?
Empire Interactive adaptation is new and noteworthy

Earlier this year, Bad Boys II (PS2, Xbox) surprised many when it charted in the U.K. Developer Blitz Games has some genuine chops, and the North American version of the title, on display at Empire Interactive's booth here at the show, is definitely worth a look.

Empire's adaptation of the Martin Lawrence and Will Smith action vehicle features a blend of first- and third-person action, as well as a little of the nonlinear storytelling that's starting to tinge action games. Virtual cops can break regulations and amendments at will through 18 realistic movie-inspired missions, but doing so racks up points on the Bad Boy meter, and negative consequences follow too much mayhem.

Empire is also showing Bugbear Entertainment's PS2 and Xbox racer FlatOut (with Xbox Live online play available on Microsoft's console), while swarms of bugs fill the screen in its Starship Troopers FPS for PC.


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