Just Plain Ambitious
Majesco delivers innovative entertainment

It's a brave new world in Advent Rising (PC, Xbox), the first in a trilogy of games from GlyphX and Majesco this fall. The game unveils an intergalactic saga developed in partnership with Hugo Award--winning author Orson Scott Card. Heavy on action and adventure, Advent Rising uses Unreal engine technology to present its imaginative universe in a cinematic style.

Gamers took so well to the nocturnal action and vampire world of Rayne that she makes a return appearance in time for the holidays in BloodRayne 2 (PC, PS2, Xbox), which is from the team at Terminal Reality. Building on the fast-paced acrobatic combat and supernatural powers utilized in the first game, BloodRayne 2 includes new ingame features such as pole combat, rail sliding, and more advanced melee fighting.

Where Majesco may turn the most heads is with its power play in the GBA category. Game Boy Advance Video uses a new video-compression technology to put highquality video content on standard GBA cartridges. No extra equipment is required to play full-screen video. At the best quality setting, 45 minutes of video can be viewed, although 90 minutes is possible at a lower setting. Nickelodeon is providing eight of its popular cartoon programs to launch the format.

Also of note are the Game Boy Advance SP neckband-style headphones that enhance the sound content of videos and games. GBA games expected later this year from Majesco include Cartoon Network Block Party (Pipedream) by summer and Bejeweled (PopCap) this fall.

Game trailers courtesy of gametrailers.com


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