Mythic Seeks to Rule Online
MMO developer builds empire with new titles, expansions

The wave of next-generation massively multiplayer online games continues to travel new paths with Mythic Entertainment's development of Imperator. Slated for a late 2005 release, Imperator posits an alternate time line in which the Roman Empire never fell and has, in fact, gone on to conquer space. The new star-spanning republic will be threatened both internally and from beyond its borders, ideally creating a destabilized, exciting game world blending both classic Roman themes and science fiction.

Mythic is also building upon its award-winning Dark Age of Camelot with two new expansions. The first, New Frontiers, will be available as a free download in Q2 2004. New Frontiers will make the game's signature realm-versus-realm combat more accessible to new players, while deepening strategic options for veterans. The second, Catacombs, will add a previously undiscovered underground city to each realm, one new class per realm, and a major art upgrade.


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