So Many Ways to Play
DreamCatcher, Adventure Company offer wide array of games

Hot on the heels of the outstanding PC release of Painkiller, DreamCatcher Games has announced an ambitious roster of products for the coming year. Upcoming PC titles include Superpower 2, a strategy game that gives gamers godlike powers as they pursue world domination; Dungeon Lords, a first-person RPG written and developed by Wizardry guru D.W. Bradley; the medieval-fantasy RTS Besieger; and Cold War, an action-adventure title from Czech-based Mindware Studios. An Xbox version of Painkiller is also planned.

The Adventure Company, a division of DreamCatcher, should keep the adventure-game torch brightly burning with several releases. Chief among them are the European publication of Atlantis Evolution, the first in a new Atlantis series set in 1904, and Aura: Fate of the Ages, which will feature beautiful graphics in a traditional point-and-click adventure. Other titles include Dark Fall: Lights Out, Jules Verne 2, Riddle of the Sphinx 2, and the poetically titled The Lost Temple of Mu.

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