Scrappy Fighters
Encore calls out the console big dogs

It ain't easy being the small guy, but Encore Software wants it known that it can kick some publishing tail just like the big guys. The company's ammunition is a solid slate of games, starting with the release for PC of Silent Storm, Spellforce, Sacred, and Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps during the first half of 2004, followed up by Heroes of the Pacific (PC, PS2, Xbox) this winter.

Developed by thatGame Studios, Heroes of the Pacific is an arcade flight simulator that takes players to all of the major air battles in the Pacific theater during WWII. Squadron leaders can lead up to 32 wingmen, all controllable through a fast-access menu system. More that 25 graphically detailed pilot-ready fighters are available, and more than 300 different combat aircraft are modeled, each with its own A.I. and flight characteristics. Dogfight, team dogfight, and capture the flag online multiplayer modes are supported on each platform.

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