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Nintendo DS

At E3, high-powered Nintendo reinforces its formidable position in the handheld market by showcasing the new, feature-heavy Nintendo DS.

DS Metroid Prime Hunters updates the Metroid franchise into a 3D multiplayer context and takes advantage of the system's dual screen capability. "The bottom screen shows your character, the top screen is showing a map of the area," details David Young, a representative of Nintendo of America/Team Nintendo.

Wario Ware Inc. DS updates Wario Ware by incorporating touch screen capability. The Super Mario Brothers, Nintendo's mascot franchise, will make appearances, as will Super Mario Kart, Pictochat and Animal Crossing DS.

The Nintendo DS will be available for the holiday season.

Alternative Consoles

Of all the eye-popping, rib-thudding, teeth rattling, brain-melting things at E3, the most memorable encounters are those that provide brief glimpses into the future. The Phantom, a sharp new console that allows players to download games over a broadband connection, might just be a glance at the shape of things to come.

"The Phantom gaming service is really the first on-demand gaming service you have access to any game, anytime. We include a piece of hardware and a receiver - it's a sophisticated piece of technology," Pronounces Kevin Bacchus of Infinium Labs, who manufacture The Phantom. "It lets you get access to an enormous library of games from the couch."

No wait. No hassle.

"We give you instant gratification, another way of getting your games. You wake up at 4 AM and say, 'Hey I wanna play this game,' - you don't have to wait for the stores to open, or limit yourself to the demo, you can get the full game, right now."

The Phantom appears on November 18th. Infinium Labs provides free hardware to anybody who signs up for a two year contract. A full list of games will be available in August.


As we all know, SpongeBob SquarePants lives in a pineapple under the sea. Additionally, he is absorbent, yellow and porous. What we may not be aware of is that Mr. Squarepants will soon star in Majesco's new line of Game Boy Advance Video cartridges. Joining him this summer will be Dora The Explorer, well-known figures from the Cartoon Network and Sonic.

Majesco crams 45 minutes of animated fun into a single GBA cartridge. They hope to double that amount by the holidays, offering feature-length content. Were that not enough, Majesco hopes to get chatty this fall with a new wireless GBA messenger.

"It functions kind of like an AOL chat on the Game Boy. It has a range of up to three miles in open areas and a mile in the city!" says Liz Buckley of Majesco.


According to Jim Tso, a representative of Lucasarts…

"We set out to make the definitive Star Wars game."

That sounds like a pretty tall order, but, if anyone can do, it would obviously have to be the people at Lucasarts. Star Wars Battlefront lets players work any soldier from any side while driving any vehicle. According to Mr. Tso, "If you saw it in the movie, you can play it in the game."

Star Wars Battlefront features sixteen player online support for PlayStation2 and Xbox as well as thirty two player online support for PC. All are available with voice communication.

Finally, Mr. Tso offers this rather cryptic remark.

"You can shoot Ewoks. You can shoot Ewoks and Gungans."

Star Wars Battlefront arrives this fall alongside Lucasarts' other Star Wars game, Republic Commando.

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