Wed Show #2: Anticipated Games Released

The much anticipated Fable is an ingenious RPG that examines players’ notions of good and evil.

Throughout the game, participants will find their actions, both positive and negative, have immediate consequences. On occasion, their decisions may even affect their physical appearance.

Fable is so cool because everything you do determines a lot of other things in the game. For instance, you walk, you treat somebody nice, they’ll treat you nice back.” explains Greg Murphy of Microsoft. “You can do lewd comments, and people will go, ‘I can’t believe you did that to me.”

“You’ll grow horns if you’re evil, you’ll grow a halo if you’re good, depending on what quest you take and how you participate in that quest.”

Fable is scored by the legendary Danny Elfman. It will be available for Xbox this year.

The Red Star

Like so many interactive games, Acclaim’s latest project, The Red Star, is based on a comic book. However, it’s a most unusual and offbeat comic book and, hopefully, it has produced an equally innovative game.

The Red Star, the comic book, that is, mixes political intrigue with the supernatural. “It’s a bunch of soldiers fighting for the United Republic of the Red Star. It’s a totalitarian empire that they realize is corrupt,” says creator Christian Gossett.

The Red Star, the electronic game, however, seems a bit more overtly physical. “We wanted to bring the hardcore into the mainstream…” says Gossett. “So for all you fans of Double Dragon, Final Fight, those kinds of games, it’s that kind of brawl. It’s really up close and personal, very fast action. Like I said, arcade style game play. So you can pick it up and go.”

Like the man said, pick it up and go. Look for The Red Star to shine in September 2004, especially if you’ve got a PlayStation 2 or Xbox.

Microsoft Booth Tour

The South Hall of The Los Angeles Convention Center might as well be renamed the Xbox Pavilion for the duration of E3. Promoting an incredible variety of merchandise, Microsoft has installed 170 Xbox game stations in their enormous showcase

Of course, the game stations are nothing without the games, and the canny folks at Microsoft provide plenty of those. Unreal Championship 2, Fable, Halo 2, Conker, Star Wars, Shrek 2 and Doom 3 are just a few examples of what keeps those 170 game stations occupied.

As far as what’s coming up, David Hufford of Microsoft has this to say…

“We start with EA Sports on Xbox Live. All of the great EA games on the Xbox Live service starting this summer, starting with football. They can get up online; wear the headsets, trash talk with each other. It’s a huge coup for us, and it’s going to grown the company exponentially.”

“This is about games, man. We want it to be a great games environment.”

UbiSoft Uberload

Some major announcements from UbiSoft:

The imminent arrival of Ghost Recon 2, the follow up to the successful Ghost Recon, caused a spike in the collective adrenaline at E3. So did the reappearance of a certain Prince of Persia.

Brothers In Arms, UbiSoft’s WWII-era genre game, also holds tremendous promise. “It’s developed by a group down in Texas called Gearbox,” says UbiSoft’s Tony Kee, “…and it really captures the emotions of the soldiers as they go through these experiences together. It hasn’t been captured in a WWII game before and it’s our biggest new brand of this year.”

Splinter Cell 3 may ultimately prove to be UbiSoft’s secret weapon. According to Mr. Kee, “…just as Splinter Cell 1 revolutionized the genre by the way it used lighting, Splinter Cell 3 – the graphics in that game are beyond what anyone else is showing at the entire E3 show.”

Them’s fighting words.

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