Thurs Show #1
EverQuest proved to be one of the most successful Massive Multiplayer Online Games ever released. Needless to say, a sequel is in order and EverQuest II should make fans of the original plenty happy.

"Well, were gonna have all the playable races that you had in EverQuest I, plus we're adding a new race called the Ratonga." said John Blakely, the game's Senior Producer. "We also have some of the old stuff you've expected in EverQuest I, but it's changed. There's been an apocalypse, there's been a cataclysm. There's this event called the Shattering where the Moon has exploded, rained down on the Earth below. Rather, on the land of Norath below."

EverQuest II offers over a dozen different races, close to fifty classes, plenty of creatures as well as new items and spells. Those go-getters who cannot wait for a release date would do well to hit for heavy beta action.

SEGA Booth (or SEGAsize Me)

We're back at Day 2 of E3, see? ? What better place to recover from yesterday’s festivities than the always-inspiring Sega Booth, where the multinational gaming company busts out with some new, eye catching titles.

SEGA offers sports-themed releases, produced in cooperation with ESPN. However, ESPN NFL 2005, one of E3's real showpieces, draws players in with pummeling, bone-crushing graphics.

“Our visuals for NFL are unmatched. What we’ve done is made sure each of the games look real,” boasts Matt Atwood of ESPN Video Games.

SEGA takes a futuristic journey into the past with Astroboy. Based on the much beloved and highly influential Japanese cartoon, Astroboy combines forward thinking technology with a cool semi-retro look. A highly stylized Astroboy zooms around realistic environments, creating a fun, disorienting effect. Go! Go! Go! Astroboy!

Finally, the new SEGA Super Star series incorporates Sony EyeToy technology to make players the stars of their own shows. For use with Sonic, Nights, House Of The Dead and Crazy Taxi games.

Metal Gear & Konami

Gaming favorites Konami arrived at E3 with four brand new fun and inventive titles.

Wanna get beaten up by a girl? Look no further. Rumble Roses is an all-female wrestling title that features beautiful models and wild game play.

Meanwhile, Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix 2's got a huge music library, live tournaments and a workout application.

Were this not enough, Konami is making sure you get a balanced diet. Solid Snake 3: Snake Eater requires players to hunt and kill their own food in order to survive.

Finally, the menacing Silent Hill 4: The Room traps players in prisons of their own device. Monsters and evil spirits do their damndest to prevent gamers from leaving their apartments, hotel rooms or prison cells.

All four titles are scheduled for holiday release.

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