E3 Show Daily

Upward Mobility

In 2015, InnoGames shifted focus to mobile game production—a strategy that has worked out well for the developer. With cross-platform strategy game Forge of Empires leading the charge, InnoGames is enjoying worldwide success, and entertaining more than 150 million registered players. Building on that success at E3 2016, the company has brought both Forge of Empires and its hit fantasy city-builder Elvenar to E3 2016.

InnoGames recently launched a new content pack for Forge of Empires, called The Arctic Future. This lets the game’s 25 million-plus players unlock unique technologies, and units in a new, snowy era. Players of The Arctic Future have access to three new troops and 14 new buildings in Forge of Empires, and they can also look forward to combat on ice- and snow-themed battle maps. The Arctic Future’s content segments will release in four parts, with the first part available now.

Elvenar—which just celebrated its one-year anniversary—is a fantasy city-building game. Players can pick from either elves or humans, and each race influences the look and functions of their empire as they build it up, trade with other civilizations, and explore.

Visitors to the InnoGames booth on the E3 show floor can try out the latest versions of both Forge of Empires and Elvenar.

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