Underwater Exploration Meets Undead Action

Seeking a break from the excitement of the E3 show floor? Consider dipping into 505 Games' ABZÛ, a tranquil and beautiful adventure, set in a mysterious underwater world.

ABZÛ premiered at E3 2014, first taking the stage at Sony's media briefing. The PlayStation 4 and PC game is a debut project from Giant Squid, which was founded by Matt Nava, former thatgamecompany art director on games including Journey and Flower. ABZÛ shares a similar ethereal beauty as those PlayStation favorites, following a diver as she discovers both the ocean and herself beneath the waves and it is set to release this summer.

Switching gears from otherworldly beauty to pulse-pumping thrills, 505 Games put the spotlight on several new properties, including the upcoming Overkill's The Walking Dead. Developed by Overkill Software, best known for the uproarious Payday heist games, Overkill's The Walking Dead puts a cooperative first-person shooter spin on the popular television and comic franchise, with players working together to blast their way out of tense zombie encounters. No release date has been set for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC title.

Anyone who missed the popular Payday series--or simply wants to relive the frantic squad-based heists on newer consoles--can check out Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, which releases for Xbox One and PS4 this month. The retail package not only upgrades the graphics, but also includes all of the earlier downloadable content right on the disc, delivering the complete cooperative game experience.

Conversely, ADR1FT is a solitary game: Players take the role of an astronaut who wakes up alone on a damaged spaceship with no memory of what happened and no clear way back to Earth. As with ABZÛ, while players explore the unique environment, they will also unravel a personal story about the lead character and the scenario at hand. The first-person experience is the initial creation of Three One Zero, a studio founded by former Microsoft creative director Adam Orth. It is set to reach Xbox One, PS4, and PC in September. ADR1FT will also release on virtual reality headsets in the future.

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