E3 Show Daily

The Hunt Is On

Coming off of the successful launch of Street Fighter V for PlayStation 4 and PC and the continued roll-out of new characters and features, Capcom U.S.A., Inc. has turned its attention to another one of its enduring franchises for E3 2016.

Monster Hunter Generations is the latest evolution of the immensely popular role-playing action series, and the game promises an exciting array of upgrades over previous releases. The Nintendo 3DS exclusive allows up to four players to cooperate online for intense monster-battling missions, while the storyline introduces “The Fated Four,” a series of beasts that must be defeated to protect the four main villages.

Gamers tend to log dozens and dozens of hours with their characters, so they will surely be pleased to know that Monster Hunter Generations promises the series’ most extensive hero customization to date. Players can now choose from four different combat styles, as well as varied “hunter arts” attacks, 14 weapon types, and craftable gear. The game promises both new challenges and familiar monsters from past entries. Monster Hunter Generations is also enhanced for the New Nintendo 3DS hardware.

Fans of RPG action games made Monster Hunter a smash hit, with more than 36 million copies sold to date around the world, and Capcom U.S.A. is sure to expand that tally when Generations releases July 15.

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