The Catz Meow

On display for the first time ever at E3 2015, Rock Band 4 showcases the sweet sounds of collaboration between Mad Catz Inc. and Harmonix Music Systems. Mad Catz will manage global retail sales, promotion, and distribution of the game and hardware, while Harmonix handles digital sales and content. Rock Band 4 is set for release later this year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Featuring an enormous collection of music across the rock spectrum, Rock Band 4 provides gamers with more than 2,000 compatible tracks, integrating much of the music they may already own through previous releases of the franchise. The game features a host of cutting-edge social and gameplay innovations, as well as a new generation of wireless music-oriented game controllers.

Rock Band 4 will be available in two packages. The all-inclusive Band-in-a-Box Bundle includes the game, a Wireless Fender Stratocaster guitar controller, a wireless drum kit controller, and a microphone. The Guitar Bundle includes the game along with the Wireless Fender Stratocaster guitar controller.

"We are very excited to bring the band back together, and re-team with Harmonix to deliver the next installment of the legendary franchise to a new generation of consoles," said Darren Richardson, president and CEO of Mad Catz Inc. "Harmonix understands music gaming better than anyone, and we are confident that the unrivaled music selection and next-generation features will prove incredibly enticing to passionate gamers and music fans alike."

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