Simmering Hot

China-based Simeng Tech LLC has a bold plan to reinvent how players interact with first-person shooter (FPS) games, using a new peripheral the company is showing off at E3 2015.

Though there are a number of gun-shaped controllers on the market for home consoles and PCs, these products are restricted to a fixed screen size. With an FPS on home console, players must turn their heads around to aim at different targets. Simeng Tech effectively uses portable devices to solve this problem, as the company's PP Gun peripheral is the first gun-shaped controller that is built for a wide array of devices. The product is also designed to work flawlessly with virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift and Vive VR.

Based around an internal gyroscope, the PP Gun uses a piston vibrator to imitate recoil like the real thing and weight was specifically added to the gun stock to make the device feel more balanced. The magazine underneath the body of the PP Gun is not just for decoration either; instead providing power for the device. The magazine-shaped battery can be used as a portable electric charging station for other portable devices as well, via two USB ports at the top of the unit.

The PP Gun is Simeng Tech's attempt to revolutionize how players interact with first-person shooter games on mobile and it is available for hands-on demos at Simeng Tech's booth in the West Hall.

  • Exhibitor:
  • Simeng Tech LLC

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