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Samsung empowers game developers

Technology giant Samsung Electronics is renowned for its excellent line of devices and software tools. However, at E3 2016, Samsung is presenting a program created for game developers: the Samsung Developer Ecosystem. Based around an 80-person-strong team in Mountain View, California, the Samsung Developer Ecosystem’s mission is to strengthen the software support for all Samsung products, from tablets and mobile phones to virtual reality.

With its 80-person-strong team, the Samsung Developer Connection provides key resources—including a developer on-boarding group to assist would-be Samsung developers with training sessions, workshops, and hack-a-thons. The Samsung Developer Connection also houses a publishing group, which manages the Galaxy Apps Stores in the U.S. and provides business development resources to find the right Samsung business deals for developer partners. Additional resources include a production team comprising engineers, artists, and producers who help steer software to where it needs to be for maximum benefit. Finally, the Samsung Developer Connection features an operations group that specializes in development services such as QA, customer support, and analytics.


All of these functions combine seamlessly in the Samsung Developer Ecosystem, to help software developers hit the ground running when developing for Samsung. Key within the Samsung Developer Ecosystem is a co-development initiative called “Made for Samsung,” which Samsung is showcasing at E3 2016. The aim of the program is to differentiate Samsung-native content from other apps and games on Samsung devices, and to deploy cross-platform experiences in a complete device ecosystem.

In exchange for developers creating Samsung-native apps and games in “Made for Samsung,” developers will receive valuable promotion and a featured position for the co-developed apps in Samsung’s digital network. Having already worked to launch Samsung-exclusive products in association with major brands such as CNN, Expedia, and Lyft, “Made for Samsung” will emphasize its connection to independent game development at E3 2016.

Specifically, “Made for Samsung” gives game developers the chance to engage with Samsung’s Galaxy Apps Store and its 20 million monthly active users, as well as marketing exposure for games developed in the program—making it a strong option for indie game developers to get their ideas off the ground. Samsung expects that its Apps Store will provide these “Made for Samsung” titles with between 30,000 and 40,000 monthly installations. For developers who are willing to go the extra mile in “Made for Samsung” and integrate the Vulkan graphics API and deploy to Samsung’s Tizen platform, “Made for Samsung” will provide additional promotional opportunities on a global scale.

In addition to games for tablets and Samsung’s other devices, the company also seeks to integrate development into its Gear VR headset via the Samsung Developer Ecosystem. Allowing users to leverage the power of their Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to experience a new, VR-based dimension to Samsung’s phones, Gear VR developers can now hit the ground running, thanks to the Samsung Developer Ecosystem.

While Samsung has an excellent track record of development in hardware and apps, the Samsung Developer Ecosystem represents a deep commitment to offering indie game developers the chance to leverage their tools and processes for success. The Samsung Developer Ecosystem is already set to integrate game developers into its universe, and developers can engage with Samsung representatives about it at Samsung’s booth during E3 2016.

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