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Power Play

Nothing puts a damper on a marathon play session quite like a depleted controller battery. Fortunately, Nyko Technologies’ E3 2016 lineup offers solutions to make controller charging fast and simple—as well as solutions to other video game annoyances.

Leading the charge is a pair of products for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Charge Block Solo and Charge Block Duo allow charging one or two controllers, respectively. The Xbox One version comes with a specially designed, 1400 mAh rechargeable battery, while the PS4 version includes a slim dongle that attaches to the controller’s MicroUSB port. These add-ons allow the controller to be simply dropped into the Charge Block, with no fussing over finicky connectors. The Charge Blocks can be plugged directly into a wall outlet, freeing up a precious USB port on either console. Multiple Charge Blocks can be linked together—even those from different systems.

Nyko is also showcasing a unique solution for players who enjoy in-game voice chat, but prefer to game headset-free: the company’s new SpeakerCom. Available for both PS4 and Xbox One, the SpeakerCom is an integrated speaker and microphone that nestles between the arms of a controller. A video game version of a speakerphone, it allows players to both hear and respond to voice chat without a headset. Better still, it features a lockable push-to-talk button within easy thumb-reach, to help ensure that players only broadcast when they choose to.

Another innovative new product from Nyko is the Intercooler Grip, which sports a similar design, but a dramatically different function. Instead of a speaker nestled between the arms of the controller, the Intercooler Grip features a powered fan to keep hands cool during long play sessions. With versions for Xbox One and PS4, the attachment includes an on-board rechargeable battery (so as not to deplete the controller’s own battery), as well as a pass-through port to ensure that headsets can still be connected.

The debut of virtual reality has brought its own unique challenges that Nyko aims to address. First up is the VR Guardian, a customizable system to help users of room-scale VR to stay in the clear. Users simply place Bluetooth-enabled sensors to mark the boundaries of a safe gaming space, and strap on the two included wristbands. When the wristbands approach the boundary, they alert the user—ensuring that even within a VR experience, a player can avoid bumping into physical objects. The innovative design of the rechargeable sensors allows them to be stacked for simultaneous charging (or for storage), and moved about at will.

Nyko is also offering a gaming-focused solution to an age-old problem: motion sickness. The VR Motion Band uses acupressure to help combat the nausea that can arise in certain VR experiences. As with most motion sickness, VR sickness tends to arise from the eyes receiving signals that conflict with the motion sensors in the inner ear. The VR Motion Band puts pressure on a key point on the interior of the wrist that has been shown to reduce or eliminate that nausea.

Each of these products is expected to release this fall, with the PS4 Charge Blocks planned specifically for September. Learn more by visiting Nyko Technologies in West Hall, Booth 4500.

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