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Multiplayer Mania

Nexon America, Inc. consistently delivers multiplayer experiences that keep players engaged with exciting concepts and distinctive gameplay. At E3 2016, the North American publishing arm has a trio of compelling new titles to share with attendees in advance of their release.

LawBreakers is a premium title with an exclusive PC launch on Steam this summer. The arena-style first-person shooter is the debut game from Boss Key Productions. LawBreakers delivers intense head-to-head, team-based showdowns, with a hard-edged graphical style and narrative to match. The shooter is set in a future world in which a life-altering event has shattered the laws of gravity, and competing factions battle it out for supremacy in environments that include free-floating areas.

Players can choose between representing the “Law” or seeking power as a “Breaker,” with the opposing squads composed of varying class types that allow each team member to play a crucial role in their collective success. Meanwhile, the open arena settings provide unique terrain for the intense deathmatch battles, including locations inspired by the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and Santa Monica, California—albeit with a twist.

Other PC games Nexon is featuring at E3 this year are in the company’s free-to-play model. Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex—First Assault Online offers stylized shootouts inspired by the classic Japanese animated movie and TV series. Players don the enhanced armor of a member of Section 9, the futuristic squad responsible for protecting Japan in a time of dangerous cyber-terrorists.

The neon-soaked terrain of this title’s cyberpunk-influenced Japan offer gamers is a new concept in the current shooter market, while the game finally provides Ghost in the Shell fans an immersive way to experience this much-loved sci-fi world. First Assault Online is currently available via Steam Early Access, with players able to pay for pre-release access and a content pack as development continues. The upcoming final release will be free for anyone to download and play.

Riders of Icarus promises an epic fantasy adventure within a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) world. Riders of Icarus challenges players to explore a dazzling setting filled with dragons and other terrifying beasts, and try to amass hundreds of creatures during their quests. Both aerial and ground combat await, with an array of gargantuan boss creatures to slay.

Riders of Icarus will launch into open beta testing on PC beginning on July 6, although anyone eager to begin this fantasy adventure early can do so by purchasing one of three founders packs. Each pack provides players with special gear and features, and allows buyers to access the game starting on June 29. However, a purchase is not necessary to begin playing, once the beta test goes live for everyone in July.

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