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At E3 2015, Wargaming--renowned for its hugely successful massively multiplayer title, World of Tanks-- announced that it was releasing a new game in the beloved Master of Orion series, coming to PC at an unannounced date. This all-new Master of Orion embraces the elements that made the original sci-fi strategy series so addictive to fans: the many paths to victory, a massive universe to explore, seemingly endless ship design and customization options, and an abundance of futuristic technology to discover.

Produced in collaboration with the series' original creators, Master of Orion will include all 10 classic alien races, and an orchestral soundtrack from the composer of the original game. It will also feature modern gameplay techniques and approaches, based on Wargaming's experience over years of designing its own massively popular franchises.

In addition to Master of Orion, Wargaming is showing the beta version of World of Warships, a naval analog to the hit online game World of Tanks. In World of Warships, players take command of U.S. and Japanese warships from the mid-20th century, pitting them against one another in epic naval battles to establish supremacy on the high seas. The game includes more than 50 vessels across four classes: battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and aircraft carries. The World of Warships beta is free-to-play, and available now for PC.

Wargaming is also announcing the release of World of Tanks: Xbox One Edition. One of the most popular games on Xbox 360 and PC, this new version will take the hard-hitting, multiplayer tank combat game to the new generation of consoles. Completely free-to-play (with in-game purchases available to enhance the experience), World of Tanks boasts hundreds of authentic mid-20th century tanks, tank destroyers, and other vehicles for players to fight in, upgrade, and customize.

Even more exciting: Wargaming confirmed that the Xbox One version of World of Tanks will feature cross-platform compatibility with Xbox 360, and that players can integrate their accounts completely from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, using all their tanks and upgrades on both platforms at once.

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